What do we do?
The VREACH mission is to use the opportunities provided by virtual reality to make the work of functional specialists effective, allowing them to save both material and emotional resources. VREACH also wants to promote public awareness of the rehabilitation process of cognitive abilities, making the sessions and processes transparent to the patient's child's family.

VREACH sees rehabilitation as an innovative, technology-based modern process that serves faster patient progress, involves the patient's family in the rehabilitation process, as well as helps to facilitate the work of functional specialists.
Statistics in Latvia 2019
2 369
Children with autistic spectrum disorders were registered
2 455
Children with special needs were registered in pre- school institutions
8 300
Children were diagnosed with a disability
Children the first disability was determined for
Who is VREACH therapy suitable for?
VREACH creates a safe environment for the patient, free of external irritants, thus allowing the use of time for tasks and exercises.
VREACH provides an opportunity for the patient's family to follow the course and development of therapy, and to be more closely involved in achieving the goals set for the patient.
VREACH allows the physician to fully control the course of treatment, store data about each patient and make the necessary individual treatment adjustments.
VREACH helps the educator to be fully involved in the patient's rehabilitation process, to understand the methods of therapy
and their role in it.
VREACH therapy method is suitable for work with:
  • Languages
  • Communication / cooperation
  • Social contacts
  • Cognitive spheres
  • Games or cognitive skills
  • Autism, autism spectrum
  • Mixed development disorders
How does VREACH therapy work?
The functional specialist assesses the patient's skills and needs.
Introducing VR
Introduces the patient to the possibility of wearing VR goggles.
Tracking results
The app monitors the patient's reaction with relatives or the rehabilitation team through the app.
Gets feedback
Rehabilitation program
Selects appropriate tasks and exercises for the patient.
The VREACH therapy method can be used by any functional specialist: audiologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, technical orthopedist.
In July 2020, VREACH was admitted to the Overkill Ventures Acceleration Program.

In October 2019, VREACH won the main prize in the Riga IFF Goes VR 2019 hackathon.
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